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About Axis Earth

What is Axis Earth and how do I use the app?

Axis Earth is a social and event platform for those who love the outdoors and adventure sports. Created to share experiences and inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts, Axis Earth is for all active individuals at every level.

Our mobile app is the platform of platforms… We took the best of what others offer, and added some of our own magic to create the world’s first and only place for active individuals to connect with people based on their interests.

The main premise is comparable to Tinder with the focus being able to meet people who share similar interests, versus just hooking up. Use the filter to narrow down the people and posts so you can focus on what you are interested in.

Because we offer group functions, like MeetUp, you’ll also be able to find events that you are passionate about form the larger organizations allowing you to grow your network and get involved with your local community.

You can also use the app to showcase your adventures and cross post to your other social accounts, making it easier for you to share your content from a singular place!

We are working on some next level features that will bring even more enjoyment to our users! Hang tight, as we will be rolling out updates every month. In the meantime, please enjoy Axis Earth and help us grow by inviting some friends!

Do I have to enter my phone number in order to set up a profile?

No! We give you the option to enter it in case you want to use it to log in from at a future time. Even if you do use it, it is only used for that purpose and will never be shared with anyone.

How does the filter work and where is it?

The filter is located in the top left corner of the home feed and the Radius. When selected you will have the option to narrow your search perimeters by distance, activities, and by who you’re follow and the public on the feed option.

What do I do if my pictures aren’t loading correctly?

First, make sure your app is up to date. We recommend that you allow automatic updates for the app because we are constantly working hard adding features and making sure that the current ones are working in the most optimal way. Secondly, check to see if your data connection is strong or use Wi-Fi if available.

How often will new features be added and will they be easy to navigate?

Our development team is working around the clock building the next great tools for you to use! We will send an email to all of our users when a new feature is getting ready to roll out with instructions on how to best use it.

What do I do if I log on and there aren’t very many people in my area?

Everyone at Axis Earth, from our developers all the way up to our CEO and investors, are working hard building relationships and spreading the word to athletes around the world. It is our belief, proven by our successful growth, that inviting your friends and contacts will help build our community to where eventually this will never be the case. But in the meantime, we ask that everyone who joins Axis Earth help us spread the word by inviting your friends… Like the old saying goes “So go get your friends, and I’ll get my friends, and then we can all be friends!”

If you’re still having issues, or have any additional questions, please let us know by contacting our customer support team at [email protected]. Lastly, if you love our app, which we really hope you do, please leave us a positive review on the stores. If you don’t, contact us and let us know why so we can try to make it right!